4in1 4Relax
Sleep & Relax


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4Relax combines 4 features to create the perfect sleeping & relax environment for adults & children

1. Galaxy Projector

14 soothing lights available. Large projection surface. Adjustable brightness & speed with the included remote control.

2. White Noise Machine

4Relax APP includes over 220 hours of high-quality audio content: 60 white noises, 88 hours of nature sounds, 44 lullabies...

3. Meditation Device

250 guided meditations to relieve stress & anxiety categorized by theme and suitable for beginners and advanced levels.

4. Sleep Storyteller

4Relax includes 50 captivating sleep stories told by professional voice-overs. For kids & adults.

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About the 4Relax APP

4Relax APP includes rich and varied audio content.

The APP is compatible with any phone, tablet, PC or Mac equipped with Bluetooth.

Connect via bluetooth to your 4Relax and relax…

4Relax App

250 Guided Meditations

Themes: Initiation, Sleep meditation, Relaxation, Health, Mindfulness, Anxiety relief, Focus & motivation, Happiness, Self-esteem & confidence, Gratitude, Success & creativity, Positive energy, Relationships, Bad Habits, Meditation Programs.

Hundreds of White Noises

4Relax APP includes 60 white noises (water, rain, wind, crickets, birds, clocks, fan, fire, train, people, tv…), 88 hours of nature sounds with relaxing music, 44 lullabies to soothe and put baby to sleep.

50 captivating Sleep Stories

4Relax APP includes 50 captivating sleep stories told by professional voice-overs. For kids & adults

Bought for my little boy 6 months. The light effects on this are amazing. The remote supplied is good quality and the functions are all easy to learn and use too. There are many modes and colour options on the remote, and it gives truly beautiful effects that both kids and adults can enjoy. The app is much nicer to use and is intuitive. batteries (not supplied).
Almutukas (Amazon review)
Really beautiful relaxing light show and the app is all round pretty good the stand out is the bluetooth connectivity and the decent speaker so you really can play anything through it - audiable or other meditation music etc The fact you can dim and change speeds on the light is a real bonus too. Also customer service perfect - I didn't have any issue just contact in regards to activating the app which they did very quickly for me.
Vicky (Amazon review)